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Prismatic Abyss - text


Behold the darkest ideology
An empty realm
Born from dust

Nothingness rests upon this empty plane
Creationism is within its gaze

I exist
I am god
Nothing, everything
Nexus to primordial existence

Within the darkness I was conceived
A fusion of energies
Seeping into materialized existence
Atomized within the bounds of amalgamate, a surrogate
Animate my incarnate, formulate and duplicate
I descend from my unexposed realm
The prismatic abyss
I deem creation to be excreted from my abomination
Otherworldly foundations, formulation, organic cultivations

Splinters of my being
Pierce this realm
Torn apart through sacrifice
My being severed to recreate
This realm of darkness
Illuminates for the first time
Elements of my soul
Seedlings of organic matter
Planted upon this empty realm
Where nothing dwells

These cosmic entities awake
Kneeling before my provenance
Transformation cycle brinks completion
As they hatch from enigmatic spheres
They stare upon my wretched being
Transformation cycle now complete

Oh my children breathe overwhelming
Oh my children breathe empowering

I exist
I am god
Nothing, everything
Nexus to primordial existence

My gruesome abominations follow me
Venturing transcended time
Leaving behind the nothingness
Frozen in time forevermore

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