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No Salvation - text


Weightless, as this cities' drowning
With the knowledge to stop this collapse
I've searched in every crack and crevice
I've watched it cave in
Trapped in a paradigm, of a lie
Foundation for this corruption
So I've said my goodbye
Sacrificed who I was

Welcome to the end

I will never find solace in you
A putrid memory rots in my mind
Dig this grave, buried breathing
You fucking poisoned me

I find myself sinking in the cold labyrinth of the ocean
Searching for the answers to my exile from your grace
Trying to understand why you've left me to die
It's offered me isolation, offered me cleansing
I've said this a million times before (I've said this)
I've said this a million times before
I'll watch as every fucking failure, breaks you down to a ruin

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Video přidal willda666

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