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In a construction of the mind lost apathy
Bled consequence through this impurity
These truths are horrifying me, so surreal
Disintegration of a perfect harmony
Selfishness beyond comprehension
Man this deception has broken me down
They have taken the sun from me
Repayment will be scourging vengeance upon
The ones who built this evil palace of deceit
Left me for the vultures to drag away

Your banishment, envenoms me
Left with betrayal that left me heartless
You will fall on this sword
And then you'll beg me for solace
And then you'll beg me for the end
Dismembering every inch of this facade
Exposed the harlots within the binary
Rip the circuitry from the machine
That's ruthlessly dissected me

With every action, you've paved
My extinction, sealed my doom
But I speak the language of the dead
And the dead speak to me
She speaks to me

Your promises
Are as empty
As your future

Text přidal willda666

Video přidal willda666

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