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flames rain down from the cracked sky
and lava spills from breaking grounds
From the depths they crawl, swarming
in waiting of ther divine second death

To serve the beast and instigate the end of an age
now plague the planet destroying all that is
all will be watching as the race comes to the surface
a giant battle is beginning
we'll be cast aside

surrounding darkness of his merciless routine killing orders

into the depths of an everlasting
infrastructure comes to collapse
he will destroy and take as he sees fit
this race is dying

the events predicted must be forfilled
unveilling of a messiah won't come
no way to prepare for the age that is to follow
faith will not change that the world will fucking end

The sky burns red with the flames of his wrath
Blood rains staining the soil
The earth shakes as the armies march
Rebirth of his kingdom commences

The ancient prince will claim his throne.
And his servants will rule the world
The sun wont rise nor will it set on his empire.
The shadows will deluge the Earth.

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