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Cognition of Rebirth - text

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Cancerous Redeemer
Sick touch of the black
Awaken into new worlds
Adjust to foreign eyes
Our own
Becoming vision
Dimensional Perceptions
Float and Interlock
Abyss between Idea
And Actual collide
Now one
Negative conceiving
Itself as a Positive
Extraced in Recursion
Kingdoms of Unbalanced Force
Machine - Rancid
Eldritch - Cosmic
Broken open
Wandering Unmanned
Form dissolute
Reaching into Aeons Past
Inexorable Volition
Travel Indefinite
Travel arrested
By the astral lugubrioius
I know the sublety of horns
Sacrificial urn
Bearing a cremated hand
To touch the Worlde
Arclit visage of decomposition
Ejected biological
Trapped in a fascination of the process.
Ineffable Flesh of Ages
I open the Door
I am beneath the sky
I feel the Breath of Millennia
I close my eyes
And see 13 Worldes
I seed
I birth
I force into the Void
Chains of Flesh and Change
Burning in Dead Fire
The Meat shall perish
At this feast, all starve

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