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Obsession, Perversion, Obsession
As I wake up in the morning light
I can’t remember what I did last night
as I watch my hands they are full of dirt
I can’t imagine what happened to me
I can’t deny that there is something else in me
what kind of beast I am going to be
that you can see when at night it comes free
Do you believe in good and evil
do you think there’s something else
and when I feel that night falls
through my veins the fury flows
And every night the same
in a world of Sutter Cane
transformation starts again
life fades away
As I stand up in front of the mirror
I see my face is covered with scratches
strange red stains are on the floor
life fades away
Awake or asleep I will not creep
a win or a loss if I pray to the cross
There’s a beast in me every night it comes free
the only place you’re save six feet under in your grave

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