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They are inside of everyone of us
even if you argue not knowing them
some you know and you’re aware of it
but other ones are deep inside of you
they hunt you for the rest of your life
and they will never let you loose
all decision are influenced by them
every deed arouses new ones
so don’t be afraid little child
it’s the only way to survive
fears corrode
these are the fears that let us corrode
that hollow us and let us freeze
these are the fears that make us dumb
and evoke our negative reflections
don’t allow them to lead your action
use them for your advantage
otherwise they will destroy you
like they did with many before
there are thousands of reasons why they get evoked
however it’s hard to get rid of them
things that don’t kill you make you harder
even the salvation makes you shiver
be brave and be strong
don’t take care of others

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