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Come here and accept my wrath!!!!!

I came back to a life in the underground
I have cursed that your world.
It's full of the needless
Forget mercy or disgrace!

Oh there, in the darkness,
I always await the nightfall,
I do not need a sun shine.
There isn't a DAY anymore, no reason to hope.
Forever on just an only - the fire heat!!!!!!

I have seen so much blood
flowing out of the rent hearts
Countless bodies dying.
I curse the world, now I am the REVENGE
This is the most wicked
the Avenger's return.........


My wrath is unfathomable
And my scary face is its proof.
Anyone trying to resist me
Will discern a right form of suffering.

It is so real, killing and dark.
I find it so beautiful to live in m darkness
Human mind is so austere,
.....and naive!!!!!!!

Text přidal roman59

Godless...(Assuming The Throne of Immortality...)

Avenger texty

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