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Až do morku kostí (Even to The Bones Marrow) - text

I, crawling through the eternity again,
Exposed to a mercy of all gods
Under the wings of wars
I have been discovering the unknown
Still I haven't found my angel of death!!!
What is an eternal beauty?
Just vanity and envy,
I am not ready to obey,
I light the candles and Spell my blasphemy.
Connected to darkness, pierced with evil,
Don't for me your altar, symbols of the holy,
My time has come, what should I wait for!!!
Nature death acts slowly, but worse!!!!!
What do you want to take me? Eternal life?
I have decided already
and raised the knives with uneven razors
A moment o truth, not to die slowly alive!!!!
Connected to darkness forever, pierced with evil,
I laugh at death,
Heritage of history, all wars raging,
What is time without any beginning and end?
Still I wait for my angel of death,
Though, I know, oh yeah,
I feel it coming close
The earth is quaking and I......
Spell my blasphemy!!!!

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