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Every man has the right to live
The rights to die who will you give?
Death doesn’t come! Doesn’t come for your life
Poison or hung? Maybe the knife?
Your blood is dirty. Dirtier than sin
Look in your eyes. What do you see?
Pain and pleasure. And no mercy
You rotten man. You must die
Fearful people. Their evil eyes
When you not see the Sun in the skyes
Rotting people are distress of World
This damned flesh I will hack by my sword
The wind brings the smell of rotten meat
Who will not join, he will be eaten
I hear them moaning, what did we do?
Rotten legion so close to you
I am ready to kill, ready to die
Those who remained, ready to fight
They have soft flesh, I have keen blade
But my eternal hope will not shall fade

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The End Has Come

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