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Návrat apokalypsy (The Return of Apocalypse) - text

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Hundreds eyes are crowling inside from the dark.
We shall ruin the edge in our minds.
Let's taste abhorrence, demon fury
Let's look through each one of us!!
To understand that sickness, let a devil spell
Let it hear, oh come, that silent voice.
Why to be afraid to scream, to moan with lust,
Piercing pain, God is just a liar!!!!!
Snake poison enough mixed is with blood
And my body tense in chains,
prepared for the return.
The idols shall be destroyed.
Now I am going to die,
Long and lonely!!!!!!
I, I have created a new world.
It's even more cruel, more vile.
I am now the devil, knowing no way of mercy.
You will suffer, curse and hate!!!!!!
I was in a crowd of an ancient damnation
My voice will sound in your heads.
No, I am NOT dead, I am no apparition.
Welcome in my word,
what will remain of yours?!!!
You will suffer,
Curse and hate!!!!!!

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