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Soon i'll be so far from here
I'll take the path of destiny
Might i find someone for me
If hope must die then i shall leave this world
I am so afraid of life
I just don't have the strength to fight
Help won't come and i will be losing grip of sanity
I'm so alone, the light is gone
And in my eyes no one is right
Since i have thus become nothing but sad and dull
I run, i fall, i've lost it all
No one is here, no one at all
So see, i am not the type of guy who leaves
When all are staring back away from me
There might just be a reason for all this
Behavior that i'm starting to conceive
As my fear transforms to wonder
Onto the psychology of the human kind
And i marvel just how sad it is
The self-pity of a selfish mind
Someone save me from myself
Try asking a simple question
To someone as bleak as i am
I am free

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