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I've Learned to Hate - text

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Open your eyes, what do you see?
What? Are you afraid of me?
Yes honey, it's me alright
I did give up without a fight
Didn't you say i was too nice for you?
Don't run baby, i'm not that kinf of fool
That's right, hide under the bed
'Cause we are going to stay up late.
Bet you haven't learnt what i always used to say
People always change dear although many ought to stray
So i came to tell you i have learnt with you as well
It has come to my attention
You like pain though you won't tell
So fierce you were without the need
I missed the chance to fulfill your pleads
For all you wanted, all you yearned
Was to feel the fear my eyes could give
You longed my hand would feel your skin
To pound it deeply and trim hard in
To leave the mark of filthiness
And break the pride of innocence
You'll pay the price
Flee not from me once again now that i'm no longer sane
Let me take off all your clothes and tie you up to this chair
Look at my face when i speak; crying won't help you at all
No one will hear you my love; not while i'm doing you harm
I feel comfort in hatred
Now i know you really felt
All the times i was aching you were laughing to my disgrace
I feel comfort in hatred
Hadn't you kicked me away
I'd never lose the blindness you caused me in my dismay
Now that i've shared my thoughts with you
Spare me from your hypocrisy
Come now and be a nice little girl
Let me make you ache with joy
And when you are cold
I will let you sink down to where you belong
It will make you think
What do we lose when we are alone?
What are the odds? What do we lose?
I'm just a poor bastard without a home
Drifting from light to dark all alone

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