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Hipster Disney Princess - text


When the world just seems too mainstream
While you drink Kombucha Tea
Just embrace your inner irony
Your true identity

Just... be... a... Hipster!
An individual!
Come and join us
Don't be a tool

When you're a Hipster
Life seems poetic
You like your bands hot
Before they're cool

I talked to birds way before Twitter
Love eating sushi!
That's ironic

Glass slippers
Ugh! So before midnight!
Poetry reading?
Where's my invite?!

Like my bra?
Well, it's organic!
The book was better than the movie
We never fall, we only tumble

See when a tree is in a forest
And there's no one there to hear it
You can bet we've bought the vynil

Come be a Hipster
We go our own way
We shop at trift stores
Or so we say...

Yes, be a Hipster!
A f%#king Hipster!
We're so unique!
We're all the same!

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