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Fandom - The musical - text


Bilbo: Is this the end
Oh it's been fun
We've had dventure gone on quests
but now it's done
This is the end
Our time is up
We go to die
Say our Goodbyes
Gandalf: Our Franchise was the best
Thorin: Better than the rest
Gandalf: Now will we fade away
Gone without a trace
Bilbo: Will anybody care
Will our fandom still be there
This is the end (Katniss: Will I be Next)
Thorin: The well is dry(Just one more year)
Gandalf: No way to bring it back(When it ends)
No matter how we try(Will my whole fandom disappear)
Thorin: This is the end (Gandalf: Will we return)
Thorin: Our time is up
Gandalf & Thorin: Memories fade
We will decay
Katniss: Now is there any hope
on this slippery slope
Bilbo: Oh, what will I become
When all this is done
Will anybody care
Will our fandom still be there
All: Will anybody care (harmonizing)
Harry Potter: Come on now
Don't despair
It's not easy
I've been there
I know what you guys are going through
Princess Leia: We've come back
Many times
Prequels, sequels
who knows why?
It could be the same for you
Jack Sparrow: Look at me
Pirates 3, or was it 4?
We're making more
People seem to love me
Dry your eyes
head up high
Don't be concerned
You could return
Jack, Harry, Leia: Just you wait and see
The Doctor: Don't you fret
Don't you fear
I was gone for sixteen years
One day you will all regenerate
Harry: Trust in love
Trust your fans
Someone out there has a plan
Harry & The Doctor: It'll happen just you wait
Jack Sparrow: I can spy dollar signs
You're worth a lot
Why let you rot
You won't be abandoned
Maleficient: There's no shame
in toys and games
Harry: Maybe a park
Leia: You won't go dark
w/Harry, Doctor,& Maleficient: People have your
Fandom in their heart
Bilbo: Maybe could it be
There's a life beyond the screen
w/ Katniss: A life for you and me
Bilbo: We wil live on
Gandalf: We will live on
Thorin: We will be strong
Gandalf: We will be strong
Katniss: Within the hearts and minds of fans
Where we belong
Gandalf: We will live on
We won't give up
Jack Sparrow: Till we get old
We'll take your gold
The Doctor & Bilbo: Inspiring out fans
Doing what we can
Katniss & Thorin: We'll keep our world alive
w/ The Doctor: Fantasy will thrive
w/ Bilbo: Adventures to be had

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