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The Starless Sleep - text


When you cry, the stars fall down
As snowflakes to the ground
It is late and the clouds gather 'round
To catch you when you come

Afraid of the claws in the deep?
Is the darkness alive in your dreams?
But they are there, the lion and the angel
The guardians of your sleep

Why don't you go to the starless sleep?
Don't you feel welcomed by the night?
Don't wanna leave the warmth
Around your feet?
Don't wanna leave the light?

So what happens when you close your eyes?
Will the breeze inside your head
Become a storm?
Will the moon drift in the evening sky?
Will the mole-man find the secrets
That you keep?

Will the dark knight find the hidden door?
Do the nightmares ride like crazy in your mind?
Are you afraid you won't get out in time?
Captive forever there inside...

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