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The Sky At The Bottom of The Sea - text


Rising up over the rainbow... Flying, trying
I see where all the clouds grow...
Soothing, smoothing

And I go under the stones
Through the tunnels of fame and fate
I talk to the witch and the bones
Show me the way...

I scream from the top of the mountain
Bursting, cursing
I drink from the crystal fountain... Thirsty, mercy

And I go under the city
Away from the 'what-has-been'
I see nothing that's pretty
Oh, the amoeba he hings...

Sun in my pocket
And the sky at the bottom of the sea

Oh, the world's spinning 'round
...what was up is now down
And the night is the day a strange kind of way

Sun in my pocket
And the sky at the bottom of the sea

Excited, I'm thrilled and delighted...
Fighting, biting
And again I will dance on the lightning,
Loaded, corroded

And I go under the mountain
Where trolls are awake
They hide in the mirrors
And the underground lakes

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