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Thinking to where it all began
When existing was as it should be
Clutch now
What little remains
Of yesterday
Lest it be ripped away
Believing is cradled in your hands
So fiercely
It's all you can feel
Fight proud
For what you stand for
It's all you have
They'll come to take it all
Tonight's the night
We're here to fight
Leave it all behind
Ready to prevail
Bleed, bleed my battle cry
Staring to where it all will end
Frightening to see what I see
Do what
It takes to maintain
What you live for
They'll come to take some more
Look ahead
What's before you
It's what's against you
And you fear it
What's behind you cannot be lost
It dwells inside you
it's worth fighting for
And we'll fight until the end of time

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