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Some days your own resolve is strong
And other days you bend
it`s two steps forward, one step back
and a stumble now and then
You wonder if you`ll ever really make the difference
you`ve prayed that you will
Well, I know that prayer will be fulfilled `cause (CHORUS)
Your life woven day by day
is a new design of the glory God displays
on the canvas of creation
Through the poem of history
in the pattern of redemption
running through the tapestry
Your life in christ can be
the greatest story ever told You cannot see the hands of God
or feel the grace that flows
from Him through you to those you touch
In ways you`ll never know
you cannot measure worth by human standards
That`s always a lie
oh, you have to see through heaven`s eyes how... (CHORUS) In the light of eternity
Standing face to face you will finally see
for the very first time you`ll understand
your perfect place in the master plan and how... (CHORUS)

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