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You Will Come - text


Maybe I'll wish your heart, and we'll stay together
Maybe I'll wish your hate, your pain... never

I will be here waiting for you
The turn will come to me now

You will come now...

Start now your kingdom, start now your fear
You're under power, you, come here

You are lost in the night, when the moon appears
Desparation, you have bodyache

Your madness is fool, look around you, the fear is strong
Scream, run, hide, anyway... you will come

I look in your eyes the fear in your heart
Your heart

Your mind is blind, your neck is taut
Your loneliness follows you, your thoughts are black

You may be wrong, when you know
The destiny of your soul
You could smell rotten flesh
And you'll feel hate and fear
But now you are confused, your end comes close
The darkness in you head, finds your root

Now you think
Across the oceans
You do now
Break you head

And your dreams are scary
The screams through mirrors and the time
The priest is speaking
And the evil is tempting

Through weeds, you are running
Look at your front, or you'll go down
Come to me, it's an order
Screw your feelings, now you are mine.

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