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A New World Is Born - text


Lord, my eyes can't see your eyes
Please send me what you want

My wish is that you forget your old values
And my mind is your mind to rule them all
Have no secrets, have no pain
You have their souls
And rebirth is your thoughts
You are a new God

Look the seas
Look the skies
All is you
Show them all

Yes! I feel the power now
I'll burn this world, and I'll restart
You can't deny, you are an ancient man
I'll take your throne, and now you die

Maybe you'd kill me, and maybe you'll think
Who is the king of the world?
And realize your dreams or your lust
You can't begin a new world...

Lies! My eyes can see you lives
Suffering and screaming for help

Now the ancient man is dead, with all his rules
The war, the thieves are stopped, for it's my power now
All the pure, all the wrong, I took their lives
All the fucking world in flames
This is hell!

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