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Thereupon Sanctimonius - text

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Father, lord of silence, supreme god of disconsolation
Who mankind reviles yet longs to embrace
Strengthen this purpose to dispute the belief without doubts
For two times a thousand years has been enough
Show them the ecstasy of the realm that could be
And souls that bear no less than misery
So all with no worth could behold
The most malice amongst the storms
Infuse them the grandeur of melancholy
The dismay behind that seducing light
Thereupon I am embodied justice
The divinity of solitude, the purity of privation
And beyond grace are those of untruth
Who drowned the dreams of men
By hypocrite moralities
By lies forgotten and sordid
Father, lord of silence and the supreme god of disconsolation
Did learn of pain by the one clean heart that bathed in love of God
Behind lurked evil, unlabeled by man, the demon of the light
Heart got old, weak and cold, denying the origin
Yet deep in vein beyond the pain, it knew of the grim truth within

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