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The Tomb Within - text


[Music and Lyrics: Reifert]

You're dying inside
Every heartbeat closer to the last
Immortality a fallacy
A perverted pipe dream of the past

The tomb, it needs it's hunger
An unforgiving force
Your blown mind reels in torture
True doom locked on its course

Your blood it flows in torment
A testament to weakness
Your deathday clock is ticking
you'll surrender to your creatures


[Lead - Cutler / Lead - Coralles]

Your graveyard eyes unseeing
your mind drowns in the crypt
construction of the perfect beast
Your senses have been stripped
Look over your shoulder
Damnation's waiting there
Your run slows to a crawl
The casket calls to your despair

Abyssmal hopelessness - Down on bloody knees
There's madness in your soul - A swarming of disease

Cemetery visions
Eyes peeled red and open
Curled up in a coffin
Mind and soul are broken


Merging with the void while encloaked by total doom
Feel the reaper's breath as you slip inside the tomb
Wake up dead and mourning with a knife tight in your fist
thank the blood red skies
For with death you have been kissed...

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