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Mutant Village - text


[Music and Lyrics: Reifert]

Desert screams on plains of doom
Your mind will snap beyond the dunes
A village ahead, the stench of disease
Nauseating wasteland, distorted dead trees

One eyed vultures feeding
On twisted malformed prey
Are these hallucinations
In this place of foul decay

An image in shadows, radiation diseased
A figure of sickness... No eyes, nose or teeth
You see it comes forward, you freeze up with fear
The horror's upon you as others appear


An array of the nuclear deformed
Cursed with plague, with wounds they are adorned

A vision of hell, their food you will become
Cannibals beneath a sickened sun
Mental lapse, this nightmare can't be real
Sanity cracked, your brain will not be healed

[Lead - Coralles / Lead - Cutler]

Your dried up scream makes not a sound
their hunger is upon you now
Horrific limbs and faces twist
Your throat is slashed, cease to exist

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