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Uneasy stillness festers
At the border of my conscious calculations
I’m trembling from the overflow
Paralyzed by the waves of fugal vision bearing down on me
They’re mocking all of my insignificant designs
I hold my place before I start to swallow
Don’t Wait for me to prove that any of this warrants understanding
I won’t survive making another move away from the source of
My only enduring release
I will crumble as I embrace
Basking in the shadow of the spiral in the sky
I clench my fists in horror as prophets cry
It’s far too late to repent for all the
Thoughtless and destructive ways we've
Integrated without considering the loss
I’m holding on by a thread but its caught
In the tangles of your hope
So all we can do now is just laugh
At the deep absurdity of what we try to make last

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