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I stood at the door of a country motel
A young entering married hell
A Toyota truck is a young marrieds dream
With "Just married" written in shaving cream
And at the reception the uncles were kind
They drank far too much and they were out of their minds
A happier pair you'd be hard pressed to find
Newly weds in the morning

I winked at the bridegroom
"Hey how was the bride?"
"She teased and she pleased and she let me inside"
I winked at the bride said "Hey how was the groom?"
"He pawed and he snored and he left me no room"

He was the husband and she was the wife
Off the Noumea the time of their life
Back home to boredom and marital strife
Newly weds in the morning

Early nect morning he's cleaning the truck
She picked up the flowers down on her luck
He's cleaning the truck as I stood in the lane
Watching the shaving cream wash down the drain

One more institution one more lucky pair
One more pack of lies for those who will dare
I could be worried but I just don't care
Newly weds in the morning

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