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The System Works For Them - text


You know the system kills,
So you try to take a stance
You speak up for the people who will never get their own chance
But are your views sincere?
Do you practice that what you preach?
Or are you just fooling yourself,
The truth just out of your reach?
You don't support your enemy when you are at war
You're helping to enhance the rich while fucking over the poor
You've heard it all before and you know just what I'm saying
You hate these corporate killers but you fucking keep on paying
For the products you don't need
You share with them their fucking greed
And responsibility for those who died
Their exploitation and genocide
All the shit you fucking hate
Too blind to see that you helped create

You're living proof that the system works:
That the system works for them
You spend your hard earned money
And help support their death

Boycott big business because death is the going rate
You control who you support so why support what you hate
Multi-national companies are hiding under false names
To protect themselves from people who are unaware of their games
So fuck their games and fuck their lies instead just stop and think
Is all of their suffering worth your burgers and your soft drinks?
When you buy their products you ignore the blood their spilling
Reject this capitalist system and support the ones their killing
Fuck convenience in their store
If it's important it's worth fighting for
Don't you see you hold the key
Throw out your fucking apathy
Then start to spread the word around
And help to bring the companies down


Our individual effort is where the struggle begins
To stand up and fight for those oppressed by politicians
The companies condition the public thought through media bullshit
All of this suffering is inflicted just to turn a fucking profit
They stifle criticism with a cost of living raise
Selling out the working class a million different ways
The power that you give them is how they keep control
Don't support them anymore, it's time to take back what they stole
Fuck the system, fuck it's views, it's the people they abuse
Abuse of power and authority is the downfall of society
But people never seem to listen, they're all brainwashed by the system


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