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The Rotten Agenda - text


I am James Kennedy, do you believe that I am just a harmless man? I must warn you, you may be shocked at what you are about to hear. Did you know that the Bible is just a cover for the real agenda? I need your money. I am teaching perversity that's endangering the very lives of our children. I am targeting America's youth, the younger a child can be introduced to me and the Bible, the better. The incredible tragedy of the Bible is that it's the final tool with which to dismantle all gay and lesbian groups. I don't want you to know that if you, or someone you know is caught in the web of Jesus Christ, there is hope through the truth. That's why I'm absolutely committed to continuing to tell you myths and misinformation. I'm just a hypocritical, fascist Christian, yes I am. Totally brainwashed by the Bible, I admit it all.

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