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It is true that every beginning has an end
This is that end the universe will cease to exist
Light absorbed by darkness an interweaving plexus
The big rip is tearing even quarks apart
Everything apart with an ever pulling massive force
Forty billion ad expansion is no slowing
Without heat nothing can be moving
The big freeze dark matter is done pulling
Now it all stops
In the vast emptiness of space
A grand power is consolidating
Greater than even this dark matter
Their inner hearts are not done churning
Gravity gives all things order
It was thought to have disappeared
The black holes pull to each other over billions of years
They become one colossal titan
Their reach grasping at the furthest depths
Everything that was pulled apart begin now to coalesce
Dancing headlong in slow motion
A recension underway
Suspended animation moving forward in reverse
The breathtaking beauty that once shown
In every corner of the universe
It's script is still being written
As it nears its rebirth
One hundred million ad, back to a singularity
The one that started it all erupts in a new beginning
Just like leaves upon a tree each spring they are anew
We are to just like those leaves endlessly existing and renewed
Did you live for a reason? Or was it all for nothing ?
As you ponder this question dont forget to look up

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Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything


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