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Before the last of the humans passed
Before thier end a project was devised
Before they went into nothingness
It's course was then set before the demise
To live again another day, to live again another way
Their hope rests in a master plan
Set in motion starting when
They realized there's no escape
Preserve and keep the human race
The universe still growing cold
The fabric of time they must fold
Space and time are curved in the presence of matter
String theory was proven true
There are eleven dimensions
Worlds within many worlds
A never ending multiverse
Do you exist ther now? The chance cannot be taken,
Harness the power of planck energy
Burning a hole in the fabric of time
Tearing and stretching again and again
Over and over billions of times
This message they send encoded within
The foundation for life, will it suffice?
Dna mapping and human genome
Knowledge and wisom they also encode
Cell and micro organisms as well
The chance they shall live and will somehow accell
Perhaps even the data is found
Another species reconstructs its some how
Did it end with success? That's a different story
For a different time, this is still yours
Life will still go on until the end
Fused with your species, although not human
They are half machine and half human being
Though no longer birthed still with flesh and blood
Other life forms continue as well
Amalgamate but perish they shall
The death throes approaching and even for them
The end is still coming, yes they too condemned
Life is now lingering not much is left
Expansion is quickening and not repressed
Everything dies, no life forms are left
None to observe or witness the end
Cosmically connected everything is
Made of the same things before it began
Intricacies than cannot be explained
To this universe forever we're chained

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Timeline: The Beginning and End of Everything


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