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Some say that the lights bring signs of war
Omens and more Fires in the North
Listen to the lore, lit by the ones
Who show the way to the heavens
Some say that the lights connect the worlds of
Living and dead bringing them together
Holes deep in the sky that
Bridge the gap into the afterlife
Souls of the unborn children adorned
Spirits that mourn
Some say that the lights when called to close
Decapitate their summoner
Listen of the tales through the generations
The many places and the traces
Of the power they possess down
Through the ages when you speak the name of
Aurora Borealis, The red dawn,
Burning spears, arsaniit, Blazing Bridge
Northern lights, Foxfire, Child taker
Sky dancer, Heavens pass, Light dragon
The glare will encompass you as you cast your gaze into
Curtains of light through the blackest night
Brightly , Shining
Reflections from the sun off armor off
What we can see of the valkyrie
Choosing the ones for Valhalla and for odin
Some say that the lights are once great armies
And the warriors of the north who will forever
Be doing battle and clashing proudly until all eternity

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