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The whole congregation of the sacred sisterhood of the Ardent Rose will fling themselves prostrate in Balasana at the hooves of Moloch before this is over. The master spoke a word in the meadow and said another in the coven's clearing, and on a midsummer night's wind were they carried to this alembic.
They'll scream my name, (Proxosos) before this is over so let them see the true face behind the mask. A million withering husks dessicate in advent of future's collision with the past. Bearing the scars of the fable, but not the stigmata of revelation, revealed at last. Shed your deathveil, O antichrist! Bear witness, bare naked, the face of the final truth unmasked.
Sorath Semper Ardens
And the Petrine
Sede Vacante
Whisper to ignite and extinguish
Ite Htr Vag Hra Vma Hto In
Anxious hands tremor to disinter the unbaptized dead, in the hour of Saturnus, in the house of Capricorn. Anxious hands tremor to take the crown from the cold cadaver. The celestial firmament buckles under weight of detonation of will. All enslaved to the four directions and for letters will taste the burden of se**** aristocracy. Here alone with her undressing. Martyr impalement.

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