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Hail oh son of fire, master of the sword;, see the rise of the aeon of the adversary! Perpetuation of the patternless strike; fear and doubt in the hearts of the panic-struck. Lance sharp, words like venom, minds like poison thorns. Ophidian blood boils and coagulates. Catechism ruinous, sermons of hate, there shall be no peace at the gates. Sub vino, sub rosa. They are worthless. This ends here. To cut their tongues and dry their eyes, to pleasure the orifices of their wives, to pound their effegies into dust, stagnating forms drip sweat and pus, ab imo pectore...
Utterly villainous
Utterly villainous
Homicidum facies adulterabis facies furtum falsum testimonium dices
Fire - sanguine flame. That which coarses in my veins. Advent of the coming of the line of cain making holy, sacrifice, that which you hold dear. Malediction. Swarming to the precipice. Liminal detriment. Rites of the solemn death. Those who take the oath of the double-helixed knife- fireborn. Occultate. In lineage with the snake. Ophidian blood boils and coagulates again.

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