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Arbitrator of the dissolving portals
Sacrosanct oblivion manifest the sheer exterminating Brilliance
Total temporal collapse
Space-time, exonerate us not
Penetrate the womb of the cascade through aeons
Idols of dead and dying divinities lapsing in and out of Actuality
Ruinous crucible
Ring of parallel matrix's
Negate genesis
Overwhelm consciousness
Weave conspiracy into history
Verbum dimissum custodiat arcanum
The impossible magnitude
A sheer scope measureless to man
Death prayer and violence
Resonating in the halls of All Times Temples
Inviolable omen synapse
Sacred amorphous artefact
Total temporal collapse
Harbinger of cycles end
You will weep in thunderous moaning of calamities conclusion:
Those of women born
Those of matter-formed
Shall look skyward and know undivine scorn
The stiffening cadaver of the dodecafaceted one
Cave... cave... visus...
This talisman glows like the altar body in unction
Anointed flesh awaiting blazing sigils
Pleas will manifest: liturgical, architectural and in the scribe's hand
The plunging knife that sinks so deep...

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