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So it is done, (or the voice of the final truth has told me as much, rather.) Capricornus is come to the house of Aquarius to avert the Mars catastrophe (and avenge the crimes of MIthras). Lament and observe the plummet of the carcinogen. Eyes wide. Wider! Esophogus dry heaving white ash of veinal tributary (as she pampers my length by her tongue.) Sweat glisten-cascade, swollen gristle-pulsate, seraphic clitoris-adulate, Sede Vacante-Metastasize. Oblunged long-obsecrete, wither widdershins-wuther, nexious baptism-sacroillianct, kundalin tether-torrence, noxious plume-faether, ardent verdelet-canonized, whorish womb-burstung, serpentime shour-impendant
Larveic snakes suckle thistles, ovulate lactose in Ars Diaboli. Transgress to run risk of consequence, but hesitate and fall victim to sequence. We who would make a saints of Mefisto & Aabadonne. They are incapable of what we do, and they hate us for it. As they should. Amen. Enriched by consequence, oath-bound to earthbound retaliation. Modus Operandi. Feign horrific omnipotence in inexplicable lieu of pattern. There can be no way, when the only path is to stray. Taman Shud. Finished. Solicit the illicit and the uncontainable. Rapturous spear in the costals of paragon matrimony. Fall victim to words which were never said. And in turn I'm entrapt to a plethora of deviance. A pantheon of decadent indulgence, for each foul deed is defiled then deified. Judge me greatly, for though I am utterly assured of and by the truth, I am not above, nor adverse. To defeat.
How long until the night's monster is the conqueror of the morrow? And how long until the infant will crucify himself? Will you watch as your threnodies augment nothing; as your tepid, fetid pitties plummet in to the vacuous orifices that are the deaf ears of Azazel? Then, too, gaze as I penetrate; sojourning forbidden, wet depths. Oh how it harms thee so, and pleasures me not; a veritahle murder-suicide of morals. And I am slut-shamed in the abbatoir of the illustrious dutchess, back bleeding sanguine sigil of Verdelet-In-Viscera. As her great judge, he can only do what he knows is best- make a martyr of me! Before that gaping edifice I am risen to the name of Christos!
What of my cold body of years? Godlike calcination in my bones of frivolity. Savagely flayed with maxila at the cross roads, again and again. But she wants to be raped, and who am I to say no? Such is the credo of villians, so run, cower, hide, O ye weaker man.
Noxious plume of Ama Lilith!

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