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Sire a litter of whores, Tresmegistus! Supple crux resonates through all Ninevah bouyant on a feverwind, redolent of hircine diaspora.
Lignam vitae, lingam vindex!
Pythian dismay; heed to auspex!
Super flumina Babalonis!
Hadogenous Magdalen! Hadogenous Magdalen!
In through the porous birthing pools they slip; bounding out the maws...
Their mother's honey hath conjoined matter, but her acid has dissolved all laws...
On the lunar crest and solar cusp she waits in joined division...
Only the Other God may drink from her chalice of strange vision...
Edax rerum!
Baphomet, appear!
Summon the name of the night- Ama Lilith.
Speak shemhamforasch and take flight on breath of ire; (to) concede not again.
When Gilgamesh hath hewn thy place of resting, the hour will be thine.
I, who shall not be counted amongst your rescinded matriarchs.
Ye, who shall never recant my name.

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