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Consternation cast up from pyre roaring; providential senate amok.
Ye seminal, arte of word and sword.
As auroch unto cosmos as acosmos, so then serpent unto word as a sword.
Holy spirit, by the triaga immolated, dileneate your diaspora.
Holy spirit, by the low left leg of the Red Dragon, dismantle the courthouses of Jove.
Irridescent cadence from brilliance of tambour.
Downwardly decree; bereft of sulphur ordinance.
The taurictonious vow; to take of the bull.
Recant even the helm of the Mitræ.
Blessed peacock, thrice of Moloch, feed the Auroch root of Hemlock.
Saraf Samael Adonai!
The craft in the circle- the adept engulfed by the Nightswork.
To destroy the incumbent houses, and the regency therein.
Taurus fading.
Speak now the name of the olde enemy.
I give you my word,
If you give me the cup of Hemlock.
Moloch rising!
Speak now the true name of God!
I give you my word,
if you grant me the grail of Adramalech!
Imbibe the hemlock.
Drink deep of manbain.

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