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This too shall surely pass
Old antiquation rejuvenated
For as days dawn and fade,
Omniscience waxes nigh ignorant of their fate:
To sleep without waking
Vision-tongued, the lexicon was etched to my mind of an ethereal voice
The slow sleep of poisonous madness
Desperate million-fold lament blinds the ears, deafens the eyes
The truth that must not not be...
The great seal has been broken
Storming wrath of seething chaos reigns
Bequeathed nothing of man's passing, the cycle shall begin
Aeonic churn...
Shatter the barriers and splinter sigils seals of time
Scour millennial vaults
Purge the eyes of the heresy bereft of thought
Shatter the barriers with the malaligned paradox
Yithian genesis
The tongues that cry out, to cut their eyes out
Temporal holocaust
Visions of Yaddith envisioning Yuggoth
The minions of Hali calling out the Leng
Envisioning Haddat... oh...
Sommelier to the Old Ones
The open portal to worlds forgotten...
Their age comes upon thee
Disembodied soul dismembered to extol the essence of the call
Sheltered from the cataclysm
Age of the Old Ones... Arise!
I awoke bleeding
The slow sleep of madness nestled in my tonsils
I avert the calamity is six swift steps and taste the wines
From the vine of Heresy
The great priestess has been poisoned
Seal the gate of blasphemies against time
Bequeathed nothing of man's passing
The cycle must begin again
Embrace the truth... Die!

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