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This is not a lesson
And this is not a cry for help
This is not a test
And this is not for someone else

Yeah this one's for you and everything you do
For every time you said this was forever
Yeah this one's for me, I'm starting to believe
You and I were born to be together

Yeah and I can feel it right now
I'm just where I want to be
I reach out, and you're right in front of me
We are unstoppable,
we are unbreakable, we are invincible together
And I feel alive with you

Well this is not a battle
And this is not a field of blood
And this is not as easy
Not as easy as it was

Well this is not a devil
And this is not a child of God
And this is not a message
And this is not a double shot
Hell, I'm just loving you babe with everything I got...

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