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The Product (feat. Jazze Pha) - text


Yo nigga what you need
Bitches what you need
'Cause I got the dope shit give it to the fiends
And I got the loud no seeds no sticks
So hoes up if you think you need a fix
I'm a downtown nigga new kid on the block
So if you need the crack then come and get the rock
I'm a get you high take you to the top
If you try to fall in love I'm a make your heart stop
'Cause baby I ain't ready I mean you can get it
But no handcuffs I just gotta quit it
If you want the good I can put you on for role
But I'm a let you know I don't dress try hoes
I hate fake ass niggas who ain't about cash
And I hate snitches don't even gotta ask
I'm getting to the money even if I got a mask on
Nigga gotta live gotta get the racks up

Ladies and gentlemen, players and pimps
And all of y'all who love lobster and shrimp
This is the product
Hold on to your motherfucking daughter
Super fly ladies and the gorgeous girls
Take you for a trip all around the world
This is the product
Hold on to your motherfucking daughter

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The Product 2 (mixtape)

August Alsina texty

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