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We wait, viper eyed shepherds
To bleed flocks in devotion
The altars, inverted wells of lifeblood
Kings and queens
Incarnated gods for you to adore
Pervading your wombs, breeding puppeteers
Weaving masks worn at war
Seeded in onslaught rehearsed
Spectatorly, channel the pain
Of a fenced game watched and culled
Venison flocking towards us, godlike decoys
Sowed fear in theirs souls, faking solicitude
Predation evolved into mimicking the prey
Still we reap, dividing the herd
Striving to dim this light mistakenly brought
Idolatry reinforced, infants fed to Moloch
With the fervour to serve the faith puppeteers
Plentiful bellies for us to deflower
Fetch your daughters to our sons
And your sons to enslave
Sellers of emotions granted their domesticity
World lays obscene. We reign supreme!
Will you meat ever learn? Good old times returning
An unchanged matter, except for the ways
An unhuman now given a human face
The wise leave no remains
All that suffering harvested
Every year is a better yield
All that suffering harvested
Every year is a better yield

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