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...As Sea Devours Land - text

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One day the sun seemed to fall
And the horizon came, soaring
Clouds racing, ground heaving
Crumbles another kingdom
Engulfed where skies and sea collide
Hear the whistles turning to howls
Quicken your pace northward
As sea devours land
Billions swept away
Envied by the living
In global mourning
Suffering in unison
They cry at azures darkening day by day
Wilting breed of legends
Forsaken breed
Giants have fallen, hitting stones together again
Vain calls for a lost light
Gathered for the Holocaust
They yield lives away
For gods to embody again
Then from the abyss ascended
This now happens to you again
Under many disguises
The wombs yield offerings
As they did, as they will
Slavery will never cease

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