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From the Lone Winters Cold - text

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Sorrow dawns from the lone winters cold
At silent walk into the dark
The world sleeps alone
Clad in a darker gown
As black rain falls
From mortuary skies
Sorrows dominion
In gods wakeful night
Frost covers the wounds
Frozen but preserved
As black rain falls moulding on the graves
Snowfall hides the mournful graves
Waiting in the cold
Hope lies there
Ganger to rest
At church bell chimes
Lonely in the night
Leads the cortege home
Come raging storms
Cleanse the body of the soul
Death steps down
Closer to the thought
Which rise at night
Unto dreamless heights
The sorrow olden times
They shall fall from the lone winters cold
Into the dismal night
The void absorbs the souls
And binds them in the cold
As black rain falls
And washes the dirt into the ground

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From the Lone Winters Cold


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