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Barbarism Rises - text

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Black were the seas as we gathered
On abandoned shores at night
The horizon drew near as we summoned
The whispering of the waves
Echoes from troubled graves
We came from the marshlands of the sunset
Drunk by the jewels glare
Slaves were led to the coast
Where Dagon of the sea
Might emerge from the drakest deep
Barbarism rises
Again from weak men's hearts
...When the sun is about to set
Where the night licks the seashore
We have dreamed of death
And to its darkest heart we sank
Lost in the depths of this sombre sea
We were echoes in the deep
Dark was the star that shone solemn
As the maelström took us away
And washed us away into the sunset
Oh Dagon of the sea
Deep within me
Barabrism rises
In the temples in the deep

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