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The Sweet Taste of Revenge - text

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I’m coming after you, for what belongs to me
I’m gonna find you, I’m gonna get it
I hear you laugh at me, that stinging loud sound
It’s ringing in my ears, shaking up all my fears
It’s just a question of time before they figure you out
And I’ll be laughing then, laughing real hard
I’ll dig a hole in your wall of self-righteousness
So when I’m coming down, I’ll take it all with me
Just one more taste, and I’ll be fine again
More of that sweet taste of revenge
You duplicate what was mine, on your assembly line
Taking credit what was mine, my creations
Stole every idea
I’ve had stole every word I’ve said
You duplicated my creations
So when your push comes to shove
You’ll find me digging for more
I’ll be the shovel, knee-deep in your dirt
You’ll be on melting ground and I’ll be back around
I’ll be coming back for what was once mine
Hey! I wanted you to know a thing or two about me
I’m gonna come after you and find what you stole from me
My ideas
My words
My thoughts
Yeah, every little single word I’ve ever said to you!
I am what I am and I will find you
You duplicated me
You took my credit away
You stole from me for the last time that day
My sweet revenge

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