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Pack your bags, we're leaving town
we've got tonight to leave all this behind.
The thing we started just got out of hand,
We need to leave before I change my mind.
This town have ghosts my dear,
I feel their presence everywhere,
They keep calling me to come back round,
and all that I can say is that I'm on my way.
But ooh I know I know I know
We're getting out of the city
I know you worry, I know you care,
and people told me you looked everywhere,
but these city lights have made me blind,
there's no direction from where I stand.
Oh my God I've been here before,
I've seen this room, I've walked through this door,
I know I promised you a better one,
but every time I try, they make me turn around.
And ooh I know I know I know
We're getting out of the city
Days they come and go, I'm still here, you know.
One day we'll fly away, oh I know, I know.

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