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So you think you're faster son?
A solid case of brilliance.
Heard you say you're the brand new wine,
Well say hello to my ignorance.
You're coming on like a force of nature, at 21,
Associate yourself with drugs and danger
Well let's have it on.
But you do it to yourself boy wonder,
How it hurts to know,
The next in line is a step behind,
Waiting for his time to shine,
"give me what is mine!"
Pretty sure you will make it son,
The alpha male that could never fail.
You radiate like a thousand suns,
Tall, skinny like a coffin nail.
Jet boy you're a force of nature, a prodigy.
The crown prince of the indie culture pop sensibility.
Mind your manners, hold your tongue,
Speak when spoken to.
Youth is wasted, on the young,
But you're still rolling,
"Man, I'm on my way."

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