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Screaming as the glass penetrates the skin
Quo status lost, pressed to a limit, forced to act
The razorblade turns red as it cuts through your wrist
See them-stripped of all their dignity
Hear the voices from the masses
"we are the ones-a forbidden race"
Fear the revolution
Comfort is always given to late
Pushing forward, no time left no rest
Faster and faster; the rhythm of the world we live
Muscles tensed'n sweat is poring as you pull the trigger
See them-stripped of all humility
Echoes of a fragile thought
A masquerade of faces
Strangers we are a
So see me...
Rejected logic
Obtained by force
A final hit
And then i fall-as you see me...
Take the bullet in your head
Swallow the poison-the taste is sweet
Why pretend to like it, when you can love it?
Cheer the sound of a broken neck
Forbidden evil-twisted into forms-
Generations created by commercial fashions
Fascistic ideas-now accepted
Monumental stupidity; a complex of terror
See me-still i scream

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