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This Ship is Going Down - text

This sleeping city's going down tonight
the tempest will swallow us before we open up our eyes
but we tell ourselves that we'll be safe inside
Oh no – don't tell me you believed the lies
and we would see it if we'd just wake up
Justice will come
We must wake up

Take my hand and wave them goodbye
but don't look back
don't look back
because you might catch fire
Take my word
don't swallow their lies
the door is open tonight

It's a dog-eat-dog world or so they say
so we flash our teeth at those we meet because if we're not the hunter we will be the prey
if it's survival of the fittest I guess the only winner is the one who beats the grave
but we're all helpless in the waves
and we would see it if we'd just wake up (Justice will come).
we must wake up

This ship is going down but you don't have to sink with the rest of them
don't leave it up to fate
tomorrow is too late
come while there's still a choice to make.

This ship is sinking.
o man tell me what are you thinking?
We can't escape the waves
These walls will be our grave.

The Tide is coming.
o man what wrecks are we becoming?
dive in the Sea of Grace
before It changes face
The sky is turning black – a sign that Justice is at hand.
will you embrace the Sea?
Or will you face It like a man?

This ship is going down
The time will come to pay your debt
The Sea will be your Judge but will It be your Advocate?

Lift your eyes,
Wake o sleeper come to life.
Don't close your eyes,
wake o sleeper come to life.

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