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The Warrior - text


Late one nisty evening, opened
up the door
Saw him in a corner he was
sleeping on the floor.

Asked him where he came from
which way will he go?
He said that it doesn't matter and
he doesn't know.

Don't know what he's fighting for
He's fighting for his life
There's no place to stay
Always pain and always strife.

Warrior who came from far
A soldier of time
The last in the line.

He's a warrior
A secret star
And will not disguise the tears in
his eyes tonight.

Never ending journey
Wandering through the time
Fight the lonely battles and no
one to call mine.

See its broken body
Tired and it's worn
See his broken heart within me.
It's open and it's torn.

Now he's searching for his goal
For love and peace of mind
Wants to rest his soul
Needs some place for his lonely kind.

Text přidal roman59

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